Fan Art (and crafts)

It's like Christmas, and I can look at them over and over again in no particular order! Seriously though, all of these people were kind enough to feed my fan art sweet tooth, and I dearly thank 'em for it. I've linked to them where possible so you can go see how awesome they are for yourself. (All images © their artists.) Newly updated fan art are highlighted in white.


Davis, he's in Trouble. I can just imagine Ms. Harper now. "...Idiot." How I love the yellow shirt! It goes so well with his "no touchie" gloves.

April draws these awesomely cute owls. And I was all "draw me some owls!" and she said "dangerous owls?" and I said "yes!" and so now I have NINJA owls! And character owls! Ms. Harper is my favorite. So evil.

Mike Baldwin - webhooligan

Mike, purveyor of intellectualism and wonder, has gifted me with a truly frightening-looking monkey deathbot. In a way, I prefer his version to mine - his look FAR scarier, which is only fitting for them.

Clay Barkdull - Surreal University

This was like bonus guest comic fun in my Inbox. I'm not so sure about the lunch thing though - I think Patton could take Golem apart if he really wanted to! (Don't tell Davis.)

M. Bartley

Long-suffering Golem has found the perfect Halloween costume. Hooray! [Contest-winning entry!] Miz Bartley has hit Golem's attitude right on the nose.

blu - Spoiled Rotten Brats

It seems people are big fans of Ms. Harper kicking butt. She makes a good Indiana Jones, only better! And she still looks pretty good in smaller glasses. So cute... but so deadly.

Melonie Branco

A plethora of amusing (ok, well Davis's actually kind of horrifying) getups for our favorite bunch of lunatics. Hooray! I loves me some Melonie!

Melonie made me (and later mailed me) very cute dolls of Davis and Golem! I wonder if I need to change the name of this page to "Fan Arts and Crafts"...? Anyway, they keep me company at my computer now! Hallo!

A birthday gift art from Melonie! This one has dialogue:

Brian Carroll - Instant Classic

A guest comic given to me for my birthday. I love Ms. Harper in it- so cruel, so natural... I almost feel bad for Davis, but she's right.

Chikin - Great Vagueness

This guest comic comes to us from the elusive "chikin," a British entity of much artistic talent and shameless humor. (Humour?) It's just... so perfect... I can't explain.

Craig Dean - Kong Comic

The universe warps slightly at Craig's characters take somewhat eventful side trip to the RDT. Golem makes an appearance, of course. And, officially the first fan art of Patton!

Matthew Genier

Incoming! (Poor duckie....) Funny how Golem still looks grumpy even when he's having fun. Just, you know... look out below.

What I want to know is, where did he get the teeth? He smiles like knives. Also.... Monkey Deathbot! Woo!

Halo - 4 in the Morning

Why is it that people get so much pleasure out of Davis dressed up as a girl? Halo, author and artist of the webcomic 4 In The Morning, is a sick, sick man.

Christopher Harrell - Hotel Grim

Christopher has brought his singular style and humor to the RDT with this piece of wonderful fan art. Gris-Gris, from Hotel Grim, pays a visit to ShaeDoll on her sunny shelf. Has Gris-Gris found true love? Well, probably not.

Allan Hatt - Paste

This is actually a link to the comic on his site, since it's not really a fan art or guest comic- it's just a random cameo. ^_^ Ms. Harper is standing next to millionaire playboy reporter Wayne Kent! *swoon*

Another fun random cameo. Can you spot it? Eh?

Allan Hatt is a genius in sheep's clothing. I adore this strip. He's captured Ms. Harper perfectly, as well as brought his own unique style of humor and art to my undeserving comic. I demand that you visit!

Davis's girlfriend makes an appearance in this birthday guest comic. I love the way Alan draws faces. And monsters. The world needs more monsters, I say. Epic quests to accompany them are optional.

Steve Hogan - Acid Keg

Steve Hogan, whose drawing style gives me giggly shivers every time, bestowed upon me a birthday guest comic of epic hilarity. He says Davis's line was born of the fact he can't get Davis's "Dah!" out of his head.


ShaeDoll and Little Davey having an unbearably adorable moment. (When I had been considering T-shirts, something like this was one of them!)

Fan art of the Djinn-infested-aspirin! Hoorah! Woah, that's kind of a first time ever. :D Cool! He's so sassy...

Mama Zora.... she only wants to eat your soul or your face or do something evil I'd rather not talk about..... but she looks so sweet?


A two-page guest comic featuring Davis, Ms. Harper, and J'Freak's own dimension-hopping character. Davis is picked on mercilessly, as usual. page 1 | page 2

Ben Johnson

Although not an artist, Ben has still made fan art! The hell you say! This is the plaque mounted outside the R.D.T.'s door. With genuine 1700s English seals! I've integrated it into the comic already!

Jonatan (Neonwolf)

Jonatan has gifted me with this kick ass drawing of Ms. Harper. She has what is probably the most evil look on her face than I have ever seen. I adore it. Adore!

Stan Kost - Joel & Steve

More of a cameo, but that's all right! Joel hangs around the house, but the RDT makes an appearance anyway. (I wonder if Steve amd Davis would make good friends...)

KS Claw

YAY fan service! KS Claw knows what all we girls want! Woo! Ms. Harper looks horrified, but ShaeDoll? I heart the heart!

Helloooooo fan service! This is for all you Davis/Harper romantics out there. Hooray for guilty pleasure! I mean, honestly, WHO could resist DAVIS? Not Ms. Harper, obviously.


Laurie and Legos both start with L. So do laugh, llama, and lo!

Josh Lowman and Chuck Rowles - Drawing from Life

DFL had re-launched with a new artist (Josh) and to sorta celebrate, they've had a bunch of cool cameos... you never know where you'll end up when you're lost.

David Meyers - College Fuzz

This one is an entry from an old Drunk Duck contest, to combine two DD characters into one! He didn't give it to me specifically... shh... I'm being sneaky....

Chris Paluszek - Carzorthade

Chris surprised me with this birthday guest comic. It reminds me of a (good) Stephen King short story. I'm not sure why I didn't think of these little guys first- they're genius! (What, I don't have the monopoly on that?)

Chris is the new "owner" of Wandering Laurie, the sassy dead piratess from RDT. Seems like he's got her just right! (And doesn't it seem appropriate that Wandering Laurie is going from one comic to another?)


I pity da foo who don't think Golem looks good in precious, precious gold! [Contest-winning entry!] Seriously. Who doesn't like Mr. T?

Davis watches way, way too much TV. And we are all very easily amused.

Terry Pearson - Blue Moon

Terry recently celebrated his 200th strip with a Top Web Comics theme, and drew a heckuva lot of cameos! I'm flattered that Golem is one of them.


Golem reveals his artistic, refined, sensitive, and completely buffed nature. Believe it or not, but PGL is always this funny.

Big and Little Sister from What I Learned Today make a guest appearance here, along with Golem... mua ha ha ha!

This goes to a page with a 4-image WarCraft comic that was submitted as a Halloween contest entry. Poor Davis still ends up with the suckiest costume. Heh heh heh.

I can't seem to take a non-blurry photo of it, but PGL painted a novelty walking glockenspiel-banging monkey into a Fat Monkey Deathbot. It now resides on my desk at work where it keeps me safe from... stuff.

Return of Fat Monkey Deathbot! Wherein we learn what he protects me from... (at work? O_o I'm not that bad!)

A series of four related comics. A battle to the finish! Who will survive, Golem or Davis? Read and find out! (1 at left, 2-4 below.)


Allrighty, I reeeeeally like this one! What a fantastic pic. Golem looks awesome, and it looks like monkey deathbots come in more than one form! Scary!

Adrian Ramos - Count Your Sheep

This was actually part of the BuzzComix Awards presentation comic that Adis did for Outstanding Environment (which I WON yay)! But look! Golem! And Katie and Ship! Adis felt that Golem didn't look clay-y enough. Tish tosh. I love it. Full (with others) version

Chella Reaves

I'd received this in the mail and just forgot completely about scanning it! Oh the fun things I find when spring cleaning. Anyway, chibi versions of Harper and Davis, re-enacting a timeless Charlie Brown scene...

Davis still watches way, way too much TV. And Chella is also very easily amused.

The best Halloween ever. Eh heh heh heh. Also featured as the 10/31/02 guest strip! Chella is mah gut frien', and a good artist to boot. Her site isn't up JUST yet because she's slow.

A guest comic featuring Davis, trying to find some keys... I love it so much. I can't tell if ShaeDoll is good or evil, to be honest. It makes me happy!

Also featured as the 7/21/2002 guest strip! Davis decides to investigate Geneviť as best he knows how.

Davis has nightmares about the RDT and its denizens... can't the poor guy get a break? The gloves (a la Itchy and Scratchy, to me) and Acme mallets are delightful. Another birthday guest comic.

Chuck Rowles - The Gods of Arr-Kelaan

When I bought Chuck's new GoAK book he gave sketches out... you need have to have read the comic to get it, but personally, I love it! Even a god can't compete with the responsible inarguability of Ms. Harper.

These are pages 1-3 of a guest comic Chuck did for my birthday. Davis gets into what he shouldn't (surprise) and Ms. Harper/s has to bail him out (surprise). ^_^ Calculator! Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

Nick Schaffner - 53x11

Aiee! Run, ShaeDoll, run!

Tom Siddell

A magnificent and gorgeous fan art of Wandering Laurie and Geneviť du Aix. I am so unworthy. It shames me to be the recipient of such beauty.

Spare artist is on the loose in the RDT... Davis is to blame, of course, and Ms. Harper wins again (of course again). Hoho. I'm a lucky girl!

Jon Towers - Jonny Axx

For a while, Jon worked on a large crossover comic called The NonStandard Assembly (not currently online). It involved his own Jonny Axx, Ms. Harper, Golem, Red Robot (of Diesel Sweeties), Butch (Chopping Block) and Dods Calavera (Hotel Grim).

Jon Towers, author and artist of the webcomic Jonny Axx, has drawn me this bad ass picture of Ms. Harper and Golem, in his unique and gritty style. Golem looks kind of happy.

Best. Ms. Harper. Fanpic. Ever.

Random Cameo of Ms. Harper on a date *GASP!* with Jonny Axx... done for Instant Classic, but since it has Ms. Harper, I'm stealing it too. Hee! There are actually 2 pages: page 1 | page 2

Liz Walsh - The Tao of Geek

Liz's characters are at Supercon, a convention of epic proportions, spanning many strips and even more guest comic cameos. Have you ever wondered where Ms. Harper finds interns? (Original page found here.)

Chris Whetstone - No 4th Wall to Break

Chris drew me this as a joke, and I told him I wouldn't put it up... while I was gone. I sure fooled him, huh! Actually, I think it really sums up the RDT rather well.

Anthony Wu - WanderJive

Anthony drew this pic for his main page after my suggestion that he draw "monkeys." He later made a wallpaper version. But look at them run! I'm so entertained! I can hear the howling and screeching!

The indomitable Anthony Wu of WanderJive doodled up this oekaki drawing of Ms. Harper, looking rather tranquil. Or maybe caught in a sublime fury. Now I kind of want a shirt that says "R.D.T."...

An enviably awesome guest comic Anthony drew for my birthday. Golem steals the show in this one. Page 1 | Page 2

Friv Yeti - Patchwork Heroes

I see some people refusing to accept guest comics if they're done with sprites. That's insanity! Just look how hilarious this one is! It's pixelated perfection, and possibly the only guest comic to never even feature the's characters.

I am so amused! I can't get over how cute my characters look as sprites. Friv Yeti's done a wonderful job with this one. Look at Mr. Tavlin's shirt! And Davis's big buff arms! That's good female fan service, I tell you.

Jonathan Zingler

This link goes to a page featuring all the comics, poems, and costumes submitted by Jonathan for a Halloween contest. It's all marvelous. Go see!

Davis and Ms. Harper celebrate a little Christmas, around the good ol' tree. Then again, this is the RDT.

Poor Davis has done something regrettable again. It's a pity we aren't told exactly what!