Dangerous Pumpkin Stencils

Three patterns to amaze, delight, and/or frustrate you in your attempts to make a freakin' rad pumpkin for Halloween. If you've never used a pumpkin pattern before, it's pretty straightforward.

  • Print out the pattern (May need "landscape" mode for Phil)

  • Cut out the black areas

  • Use a pencil to draw the stencil onto the pumpkin (after it's been gutted)

  • Tip: Mark areas to be cut out with diagonal lines or X's, so you don't forget

  • Use pumpkin saws or knives to carve up the pumpkin along the lines you drew

Phil's design qualifies as "hard" and you'll probably need a rather large pumpkin. You could also use an image editing program to resize the stencil if you want it to fit on your pumpkin better.

The patterns are guaranteed to work, in that there are no mystery suspended bits of pumpkin or anything. I haven't tried them on a pumpkin yet myself, though, so I'm not sure how well they'll carve up, depending on detail. You might need a "skinny" pumpkin for Phil, since he's more detailed. I tried to make them so there weren't any really heavy parts of the pumpkin being held up by just little attachments, either. 'Cause those suck, they get weak and break when they get warm and/or older than a couple of days.

Also, if you DO carve a pumpkin using these, for heaven's sake, take a picture and send it to me! I want to see!

ShaeDoll (easy) Ms. Harper (medium)

Phil (hard) print as landscape