My Fan Art

These am stuffs I did for other peeps what have the web comics. These are also in no particular order, so don't go jumping to any of them crazy conclusions, now! (OK, they're alphabetical.) Newly updated fan art are highlighted in white.

Clay Barkdull - Surreal University

I didn't have time to color it, however, I think I did well with the zaniness. Also with the not-really-an-elf girl, and Clay's over-manly physique. Chee!

JB - Catharsis

Honestly, how could I resist drawing a dragon? I love OpenCanvas because it does bright colors so well. Anyway, I did this one for JB's birthday! Yay for birthday girls.

Tim Buckley - Ctrl-Alt-Del

A Six Sketch gallery. I bothered Tim for 6 random words and then make pictures of them using his X-Box character... all unbeknownst to him. Mua ha ha. (Well, he found out after.)

Brian Carroll - Instant Classic

He asked me to do a guest comic! So I did! It's pretty.

Litchfield goes insane and the others can only watch and wonder.

This was just a Photoshop "before bed" doodle... what Kate would look like in my drawing style, I guess! (UnionFOREVER darnit!)

A more realistic sketch of Cactus. By realistic I mean only vaguely so. I only get so realistic.

The first version of the Six Sketch gallery. Brian only came up with the last 3 words. The others were just sketches I wanted to do of Cactus.

Brian Clevinger - 8-Bit Theater

I entered this in a contest. I was a weener! I WAS WEENING ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Matthew Genier - 64 Demons

Behold my mad coloring contest skillz! (Original art by Matt, I colored it!)

Matt penciled it and sent it to me, then I inked it with my soopa brush powers! And also threw some color on it for fun.

My half of the exchange! I wrote and penciled it, and Matt inked it. Hoho. Zombie hilarity! (Warning, some strong- yet comic- language.)

Halo - 4 In The Morning

Jesus is not as nice as you think.

Christopher Harrell - Hotel Grim

The lovable and calcium-enriched Dods Calavera. He's a skeleton. He works in purgatory. He needs fun where he can get it.

Hart - Desolation Angel

Part of the webcomic secret Santa from 2003- Genzo standing around at night, in his city of towers, in the... snow?

William Lloyd - Dunn Boyz

Watch me poorly imitate more popular web comic art styles!

Mike Mignola - Hellboy

Okay, so, Hellboy is a for-reals print comic, but I did these recently and I like them. I didn't get them colored/scanned before SDCC.

Incidentally, he was thrilled with them, and here is a picture of him with my pages, and my sister's Hellbear. He's a nice guy!

Neil Purcell - Dasien

Because. Because I say so.

Jeff Rowland - Wigu

There is an awesome thread in Wigu's forums, wherein fans are inserting Topato in fine art. I love it! This is my first, a bad-res Warhol.

An homage, right.... to Jasper John's Three Flags. Three Topatos! Three times the poison! Three thousand tiny, lightning fast punches!

Topato makes an appearance in my favorite propaganda poster ever. T.H. Benton's The Sowers. I wish I had spent more time on this.

Whistler, with a bit more mind to quality. These were all pretty quickly done, by the way. Mmm staredown.

Chuck Rowles - The Gods of Arr-Kelaan

Kerrimachus, god of disease. See? Green? He's not quite so sinister-looking or hunchbacked in the comic, but that's artistic liberty!

Sharra, goddess of luck. She's sassy. You know she's a goddess because she can lean on thin air.

Scott Smith and Matt Erkhart - Slackerz

I did him a guest comic, like.

Josh Sortelli - Elf Only Inn

I'm are so smart!

Sergio Villarreal - Overcaffeinated

Headshots of his six main characters drawn in my "yay, I can do facial differences" style, for his cast page, which he finally did!

Chris Whetstone - No 4th Wall to Break

Because pie is funny.

I stoled some of his panels, hur hur!

I made a character for him called Malefax. He's a demon. And then I got to do a guest comic! Say hello to Los Mosquitos, too!

Two panels I donated to his anniversary "y'all give me panels and I'll make the funny out of it" comic.

Panel 2...

More fun and games with post-its and Otto and Los Mosquitos and Lit Match and Malefax and... an exterminator. And some others too.

Page 2...

Because Chris is a nice feller.

Anthony Wu - WanderJive

Another fun Six Sketch gallery. This gallery is more dramatic. The topic is his character Sarah Delaney, who used to work for the power company. Now she is the power company.