Halloween 2003 Super Fun Extra Stuff

Added Tuesday, October 7: Golem Cornfield Maze. What better way to get lost in the wild back 40 than in the wrinkles of a clay creation and his jack-o-lantern?

Added Friday, October 10: How Much Fun Are You On Halloween? Quiz. What do you do on Halloween? What if you had to involve the R.D.T.? Would you end up as fun as you thought you were? Eh?

Added Tuesday, October 14: Real Witch Costume. Have you ever wanted to dress up as something so convincingly you could scare a child at 50 yards? Well now, with the help of the R.D.T., you can! (With bonus tips on how to behave!)

Added Friday, October 17: Need some help dressing up as an RDT character? Well, if you were as creative as I am you'd have thought of this already...

Added Thursday, October 23: Do you want to have some REALLY scary pumpkins? Are you a timid pumpkin-carver? No idea what to carve? Do generic jack-o-lanterns plague your front porch? Never fear. The R.D.T. is here.